Above Ground Pools – Portable Pools – Custom Made Pools 4 Less!

Weather you are looking for a pool for your backyard or your business we have what you need! Plus we can make anything. As Member of the Legacy Pools Family we have access to the factory were we can custom make anything you might be in the market for. Big Pools, small pools, special shape pools, Dog Pools , Exercise Pools, Therapy Pools, Swim School Pools, Movie and TV Pools and Much More.


New Tech Legacy Portable Pools

Portable Pools

A new millennium, brought a new technology of pools – the Legacy Pools. 30 year warranty pools, they are stronger, more durable, able to  take abuse, easy to move and very much easier to maintain and assemble.

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Traditional Above Ground Pools

Above Ground Pools

These are the above ground pools everyone knows and loves. Not a lot has changed over the years as far as installation and maintenance and they still rely on thin vinyl liners.  These pools are still popular and we carry a wide selection of these pools

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Custom Made Legacy Pools

Because we are part of the Legacy Pools Family we can make any size, shape,  depth and use pool you want. And at no extra cost!   Whatever size you want we will calculate the costs.  Once You Buy a Legacy you will never have to buy another pool again!

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Economy Intex Pools

Intex Pools

You might have seen these pools in the big box discount stores. Please do not confuse them with Elite quality Legacy Pools, They are not in the same legue. What they are good for is for families with a limited budget who are looking for a pool that will last them the summer

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If You can imagine it, we can make it.  We rarely have to say no to a special request. So feel free to email us  or call us.

Dog Pools

Water Slide Pools

Animal Therapy Pools

Therapy Pools

Exercise Pools

Swim School Pools

Movie Pools


Just Some Uses:

  • Family Swimming Paradise
  • Backyard Stay-cation
  • Exercise Pools
  • Therapy Pools
  • Animal Recreation
  • Animal Therapy
  • Movie and TV Prop Pools
  • Wake Boarding
  • Water Storage
  • Olympic Training
  • Water Park Pools
  •  and More

The wonderful and exciting world of Legacy is awaiting you. You are just a few clicks away from turning your living space into water wonderland. We have pools for your every need, desires and budget.  We have:

  • Small Pools
  • Big Pools
  • Shallow Pools
  • Deep Pools
  • Square Pools
  • Round Pools
  • Oval Pools
  • and Odd Shaped Pools

Plus, we can custom make just about anything you want.

If you have questions you can contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you find just the right pool for you.

Give Your Pool That In-Ground Look

Give Your Pool That In-Ground Look

Backyard Stay-cationStart your own Family Backyard Stay-cation

Legacy Pools are so easy to set up you don’t need an installer. The pool sets up like a dream. Slide the  poles through the sleeves.  Then lift the top ring and insert the legs.  The only pesky part is getting that last corner brace in because it is designed to be tight.   Lubricating  the pipes in the sleeves  makes it  much easier

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