Portable Pool Plumbing-Hooking Up Your Filter

Portable Pool Plumbing-Hooking Up Your Filter Follow our step by step procedure for a flawless installation.   Step 1 Install the thru wall fittings hand tighten the fitting with the gaskets arranged as shown. Do not tool tighten.   Step 2 Slide On Hoses For extra seal,  wrap the tail… Continue reading

Backyard Stay-cation-Portable Pools

Backyard Stay-cation-Portable Pools Portable Pools Okay, we know it’s tough out there. The economic crunch is hitting us all. Now, more than ever it’s time to make the most out of your entertainment dollar. So lets take a look at some options for your summer fun and your $1200.00- $2500.00… Continue reading

Basic Pool Chemistry Information

Basic Pool Chemistry Information Below you will find the basic definitions and explanations pool chemistry. Basic Pool Chemistry is not so daunting as it seems. Balance is the key. If you can keep your pool chemistry in balance you will have no problems. If it falls out of balance you… Continue reading

Understanding Portable Pools

Understanding Portable Pools Specific information you should know about your portable pools The material used in manufacturing your portable pools liner is a tough poly-reinforced liner material. This material is constructed in such a way to make tearing almost impossible.. Self Healing Yes these pools can heal themselves. The tightly… Continue reading

Portable Pool Set Up Guide

Portable Pool Set Up Guide Below you will find important information on setting up portable pools. The key to a successful set up of portable pools is firm, level, compacted earth. The bottom of the pool must stay level with the level of the pipes. Since the pipes apply more… Continue reading