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Odyssey Custom Made Portable Pools

Any size from 4ft x 4ft  to  80ft x 130ft. Any depth from 20in to 60in

We can make the exact pool you are looking for. For whatever purpose you are looking for.

Swim School Pools

Water Park Pools

Hotel Pools

Event Pools

Movie and TV Production Pools

Olympic Training Pools

Your Pool!

Odyssey Custom Made Pools

Size Chart

Size Price
4.5ft x 4.5ft x 48in 1199.99
4ft x 9ft x 48in 2299.99
4ft x 9ft x 56in 2499.99
4ft x 16ft x 52in 2799.99
4ft x 20ft x 52in 2499.99
5ft x 5ft x 52in 1299.99
5ft x 9ft x 52in 2399.99
5ft x 9ft x 60in 2499.99
5ft x 10ft x 52in 2699.99
5ft x 10ft x 54in 2799.99
5ft x 16ft x 52in 3299.99
5ft x 18ft x 52in 3499.99
5ft x 20ft x 52in 4599.99
5ft x 21ft x 52in 4799.99
6ft x 11ft x 52in 3099.99
6ft x 12ft x 52in 3299.99
6ft x 13ft x 52 3499.99
6ft x 16ft x 20in 3299.99
6ft x 16ft x 52in 3599.99
6ft x 20ft x 52in 2799.99
6ft x 25 x36in 3999.99
6ft x 27ft x 52in 2999.99
6ft x 36ft x 52in 4599.99
7ft x 11ft x 52in 2999.99
7ft x 13ft x 52 3699.99
7ft x 30ft x 52in 4599.99
8ft Round X 48in 1699.99
8ft round x 52in 1799.99
8ft x 14ft x 52in 3499.99
8ft x 17ft x 36in 2599.99
8ft x 17ft x 52in 3599.99
8ft x 22ft x 52in 3899.99
8ft x 28ft x 52in 3499.99
8ft x 31 x 30in 6299.99
8ft x 50ft x 30 8999.99
8ft x 50ft x 52in 9499.99
8ft x 52ft x 52in 9999.99
8ft x 55ft x 52in 10499.99
8ft x 60ft x 52in 10999.99
9ft x 20in Round 1799.99
9ft x 17ft x 30in 2499.99
9ft x 17ft x 48in 1899.99
9ft x 17ft x 52in 2299.99
9ft x 20ft x 52in 5799.99
9ft x 27ft x 52in 6499.99
9ft 10in x 28ft x 52in 6599.99
9ft x 29ft x 52in 6899.99
9ft x 41ft x 52in 5899.99
9ft x 62ft x 52in 11999.99
9ft x 75ft x 52in 13999.99
9ft 11in  x 14ft 1in x 52in LG 3099.99
10ft x 52in Round 2199.99
10ft x 19ft x 52in Oval 2299.99
10ft x 20ft x 36 2999.99
10ft x 25ft x 20in 4099.99
10ft x 25ft x 24in 4799.99
10ft x 25ft x 27.5in 4499.99
10ft x 28ft x 60in 6799.99
10ft x 40ft x 48in 5699.99
10ft x 40ft x 52in 5999.99
11ft x 11ft x 52in 2599.99
11ft x 40ft x 52in 6499.99
12ft x 52in Round 2299.99
12ft x 24ft x 52in 5499.99
12ft x 24ft x 60in 6499.99
12ft x 25ft x 24in 4999.99
12ft x 25ft x 27.5in 4899.99
12ft x 25ft x 48in 5249.99
12ftx 40ft x 20in 5999.99
12ft x 40ft x 24in 6999.99
12ft x 40ft x 30in 7499.99
12ft x 40ft x 52in 7999.99
12ft x 45ft x 52in 8499.99
12ft x 47ft x 30in 9999.99
12ft x 50ft x 52in 10999.99
12ft x 82ft x 52in 14999.99
13ft x 19ft x 48in LG 3299.99
13ft x 19ft x 48 3699.99
13ft x 21ft x 48in 2499.99
13ft x 21ft x 52in 4599.99
13ft x 25ft x 48In 3299.99
13ft x 25ft x 52in 4899.99
13ft x 40ft x 52in 8699.99
13ft x 82ft x 52in 18299.99
14ft x 22ft x 48in 2299.99
14ft x 22ft x 52in 3299.99
14ft x 23ft x 52inOval 2699.99
14ft x 27ft x 52in Oval 2899.99
14ft x 27ft x 52 in 4499.99
14ft x 40ft x 24in 5699.99
14ft x 48ft x 52in 6399.99
14ft x 50ft x 52in 6549.99
14ft x 52ft x 52in 6849.99
14ft x 54ft x 52in 7099.99
14ft x 56ft x 52in 7289.99
15ft x 16ft x 30in 4999.99
15ft x 25ft x 52in 5499.99
15ft x 30ft x 52in 5999.99
15ft x 31ft x 52in 6199.99
15ft x 40ft x 20in 6099.99
15ft x 50ft x 36in 11259.99
15ft x 82ft x 52in 13999.99
15ft x 98ft x 52in 16999.99
16ft x 31ft x 60in 5299.99
16ft x 36ft x 55in 7799.99
16ft x 40ft x 48in 7999.99
16ft x 40ft x 52in LG 6299.99
16ft x 40ft x 52in AB 6299.99
16ft x 40ft x 52in 8299.99
16ft x 50ft x 36in 11299.99
16ft x 50ft x 52in 8999.99
16ft x 50ft x 60in 13999.99
16ft x 50ft x 60 with a 108in DEEP END 18999.99
16ft x 60ft x 48in 13999.99
16ft x 75ft x 52in 15999.99
17ft x 52in Round 2199.99
17ft x 25ft x 48in LG 3999.99
17ft x 29ft x 48in AB 3999.99
17ft x 29ft x 52in LG 4399.99
17ft x 29ft x 52in AB 4399.99
17ft x 29ft x 52in 6799.99
17ft x 48ft x 36in 7499.99
17ft x 48ft x 52in 7799.99
17ft x 50ft x 60in 9599.99
18ft x 30ft x 52in 6999.99
18ft x 33ft x 60in 7999.99
18ft x 40ft x 60in 8999.99
18ft x 44ft x 48in 8999.99
18ft x 50ft x 48in 10999.99
18ft x 75ft x 30in 11299.99
18ft x 82ft x 52in 12499.99
19ft x 41ft x 52in 7499.99
20ft x 40ft x 52in 7799.99
20ft x 50ft x 52 9999.99
20ft x 69ft x 52in 12999.99
20ft x 70ft x 48in 14999.99
20ft x 100ft x 52in 19999.99
21ft x52in Round 3199.99
21ft x 32ft x 52in 6999.99
21ft x 33ft x 60in 7899.99
21ft x 41ft x 52in LG 6599.99
21ft x 41ft x 52in M 6599.99
21ft x 41ft x 52in 7999.99
21ft x 61ft x 52in 12999.99
24ft x 75ft x 48in 13999.99
24ft x 75ft x 52in 14799.99
24ft x 80ft x 52in 18999.99
24ft x 82ft x 52in LG 12999.99
24ft x 82ft x 52in M 12999.99
24ft x 82ft x 52in


25ft x 30ft x 30in 9999.99
25ft x 50ft x 48in 12999.99
25ft x 50ft x 60in 13999.99
25ft x 82ft x 52in 19999.99
30ft x 30ft x 52in 8999.99
30ft x 40ft x 30in 9999.99
30ft x 60ft x 52 12499.99
30ft x 75ft x 48in 14999.99
30ft x 75ft x 52in 15999.99
30ft x 75ft x 60in 16999.99
30ft x 80ft x 52in 16999.99
31ft x 52in Round 5799.99
32ft x 50ft x 52in 12999.99
40ft x 55ft x 52in 14999.99
40ft x 70ft x 52in 17299.99
40ft x 80ft x 42in 19299.99
40ft x 80ft x 52in 19999.99
40ft x 80ft x 52in M 21999.99
40ft x 100ft x 52in 25999.99
40ft x 100ft x 60in 27999.99
40ft x 100ft x 60in M 29999.99
44ft x 48ft x 52in 14999.99
50 x 70ft x 52in 19999.99
50ft x 100ft x 52in 29999.99
50ft x 100ft x 52in M 32999.99
50ft x 100ft x 60in 39999.99
50ft x 100ft x 62in 33999.99
50ft x 100ft x 62in M 35999.99
110ft x 60" Round 68999.99
80ft x 130ft x 52in 51799.99
80ft x 130ft x 52in M 53999.99


  • 20,24,30,36,42,48,52 or 60 inches deep
  • Strongest Frame in the industry, never fails
  • Toughest available with "bullet proof" like material
  • Self Healing Liner
  • Hard Cornered frame Braces for Durability
  • Galvanized Steel Frame that is hot dipped, zinc plated, powder coated and the best in the industry
  • Tough Polyester Scrim that's woven to repel all sharp objects 
  • Totally Custom Made by the best maker in the industry, not some guy in his garage.
  • New Design Option for 2008  "The Hopper Bottom" Pools with a deep end


  • Matched Filter System(s) Some bigger pools require two filter systems on each end to ensure proper circulation

  • All Resin Safety Ladder(s)

  • Skimmer(s)

  • All plumbing, hoses and connections

  • Delivery to any country, state, province, city in the world. (FOB South Korea)