Portable Pool Plumbing-Hooking Up Your Filter

Portable Pool Plumbing-Hooking Up Your Filter

Follow our step by step procedure for a flawless installation.


Step 1 Install the thru wall fittings

Thru Wall Fittings

hand tighten the fitting with the gaskets arranged as shown. Do not tool tighten.


Step 2 Slide On Hoses

hose connection

For extra seal,  wrap the tail piece with teflon tape

Step 3 Connect the pump

Water Flow Chart

 Again wrapping the tail pieces for extra seal.

Step 4 Prime the Pump

Once you have hooked up your motor and filled your pool, put the garden hose into the skimmer and allow water to fill the filter and push back out into the pool. When you feel water coming back into the pool, your pump is primed

Step 5 Bleed The Air Out Of Your Pump

Following your pumps directions  start the pump then unscrew the bleed valve (or the pressure gauge) and watch what comes out. When only a steady stream of water has been emitted  you have successfully removed all air from the system and you are good to go.

You do not have to run your pump 24/7  usually 6-8 hours a day is more than enough.

Portable Pool Plumbing-Hooking Up Your Filter

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