Quick Portable Pools 4 Less

Quick Portable Pools 4 Less

About Us

   We started out selling pools in 1948 as a sideline to our toy business. We had a chain of toy stores throughout central California and Nevada after World War 2 a new company wanted us to sell their pools. This was of course, the Doughboy pool company.  For fifty years we continued this way, keeping up with the changes in the industry but consistently supplying Central California with the best toys, sporting equipment and pools.

   Continuing our ways always trying to stay up with the new thing, in the early 1990’s we were among the first to offer the new Portable Pools being offered. As that industry changed we changed with it.

With the approaching of the new millennium we tried the next new thing called the world wide web. Starting in 1998 we began offering our great pools and great prices to the world, and things really took off. In the year 2000 we said a tearful goodbye to the toy industry, (which by that time had been dominated by the big boys) and set off to sell pools on the internet full time. May we humbly announce that it has been an unqualified success for both us and our customers.  Now instead of a hundred happy people in central California, we serve thousands of happy people all over the world….and right next door.

We look forward to serving you.

The gang at quickpools4less.com

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