Understanding Portable Pools

Understanding Portable Pools

Specific information you should know about your portable pools

The material used in manufacturing your portable pools liner is a tough poly-reinforced liner material. This material is constructed in such a way to make tearing almost impossible..

Self Healing
Yes these pools can heal themselves. The tightly woven polyester scrim embedded in the liner material will seal around a puncture.. In most cases, an unintentional puncture is as small as the head of a ball-point pen. In this case, the impurities found in your water will eventually clog-up the opening.

Weeping Pools
Weeping is a natural occurrence with welded liner material. When the pool is under a full pressure load for the first time a small amount of pool water and air is being squeezed out of a newly welded areas. This stops completely in a couple of days and is part of the process.

Punctures, pin-holes and small drip leaks can occur but they do not effect the structural integrity of the pool.
Each portable pool comes with it’s own repair kit so on the odd occurance a puncture does occur it can be easily fixed
Remember these are tough pools….if your pool develops a leak you shouldn’t be concerned that the whole pool will fail.

What about Animals
These pools are great for animals! They are even Lion tested.

Setting up your pool.
One of the most common calls we receive is from people who are worried because before putting water in the pool their sides are bowing in. This is natural. Balance is obtained when the legs are pushing in and the water is pushing out.

Year Round Pools
These pools can stay up all year round. It can even freeze solid without any damage to the liner. Remember this liner material is NOT like the traditional non-reinforced vinyl-liners used with metal-sided above-ground pools. Your liner will not dry out, become brittle, crack or rip and tear like the non-reinforced liner material.

Understanding Portable Pools

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